Bat Myths

In this post, we review a list of myths about bats and their behavior. It turns out that many things people believe about bats are not true.


Bats Are Blind

You’ve heard the phrase “blind as a bat,” but it isn’t true at all.

Bats are not blind and all species can see. Because they hunt at night, they use their echolocation to help them locate prey, perhaps leading to the idea that they don’t use their vision at all.

However, bats use both echolocation and vision to hunt and navigate their way home.


Bats Attack People

swarm of bats flyingMost species of bats eat insects and fruit and have no interest in attacking humans for any reason.

Bats are not aggressive and do not behave aggressively toward humans; in fact, they usually try to avoid people.


Vampire Bats Suck Blood From People

There are three species of vampire bats that live in South and Central America, all of which do not eat human blood.

These bats prefer to take meals from sleeping animals, livestock or birds, and take about an ounce of blood at a time.


Bats Are Flying Mice or Related To Rats

Bats are not rodents or related to rats and mice. Bats are more closely related to primates and lemurs than rodents.


Bats Become Tangled In Hair

Bats occasionally may fly near your face but they avoid it with ease. Their echolocation is so incredibly efficient that it helps them avoid obstacles as small as a piece of string.


Bats Carry Rabies

Most bats do not have rabies, and they contract rabies much less than other animals.

Less than half of 1% of all bats may catch and contract the disease. However, if a bat bites you, immediately seek medical attention. The most common way to get rabies from a bat is handling a bat inside or near your home.

Always call animal control services to safely remove a bat from your home.


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