The Case for Calling Pest Control on Chipmunks

chipmunksThough chipmunks appear to be small, furry critters incapable of serious destruction, they can actually cause quite a big mess around your home.

Chipmunks like to dig and live in burrows underground. This means they especially like porches, gutters, decks, retention walls, and safe spaces near your home.

They reproduce quickly may even settle into your basement or crawl space.

The most common complaints about chipmunks are damage to flowers bulbs, eating bird food and pet food, ruining grass and gardens, and creating an environment that attracts mice and rats.

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Damages caused by chipmunks

  • Eating flower bulbs, seeds, and seedlings
  • Have disease-carrying pests such as fleas and ticks
  • Eating garden plants and vegetables
  • Eating new grass seed
  • Holes in turf and lawn
  • Structural damage

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What damage can chipmunks doChipmunks are not dangerous in the sense that they will not attack humans or other animals.

However, they do carry standard rodent diseases like plague and fleas, as well as ticks, lice, and mites. They can carry and transmit rabies, Colorado Tick Fever, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

Dead or sick chipmunks should be avoided and not touched to prevent any spread of disease.


Chipmunks will drive homeowners crazy by eating seedlings, garden vegetables, and freshly laid grass seed.

Chipmunks like to eat fruits and nuts and can overrun outdoor bird feeders, as they have an easy supply of seed.

Eastern Chipmunk in IllinoisThey also may dig up and eat spring flower bulbs and burrow in flowerbeds, costing the homeowner money and time to fix the damage done to the garden.

They can dig as far as three feet below the ground, with the entrance extending as much as 20 feet in length. Though the chipmunks themselves will not cause damage to your home, the burrows can have a significant impact on your home’s foundation.

Though chipmunks do more damage outside than inside, occasionally they sneak in the lower levels of homes while burrowing. Rodents like to chew wires and chipmunks are no exceptions. Open wires can increase chances of house fires, especially within walls.


Signs of Chipmunks

  • Holes in lawn
  • Piles of seeds around the lawn and under bird feeders
  • Damage to the foundation from burrows
  • Flowering bulbs uprooted and eaten
  • Paw tracks
  • Chewed wires
  • Fecal matter


Get Chipmunks Removed

If chipmunks are causing damage to your home or wreaking havoc on your yard, you can call a professional to have them safely removed.

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