How to Get Rid of Dead Animal Smell

Dead Animal Smell

In this post, we will tell you how to get rid of the dead animal smell.

Are you suffering from the horrible smell of a dead animal somewhere in your home?

If you have a dead animal in your wall, crawlspace or attic, we’re sure that you want to get rid of that nauseating dead animal odor as quickly as possible.

We can tell you how to get rid of the smell and start to breathe easier again.

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Dead animals in the home

Animals in need of a warm, dry, and safe space are very good at finding entry points into your home to get inside.

Dead mouse in house When these animals get inside, sometimes they may die in your home, and that leads to a stinky, gross problem. They may die in your walls, in an attic or even an air duct.

The sooner you can find and remove the animal the better. The smell is definitely not going to get better if the animal carcass is still there.

A dead animal will also attract maggots, parasites and potential diseases. Get that dead animal out of there as soon as possible.

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How to get rid of dead animal smell

  • Locate the dead animal
  • Get rid of the dead animal
  • Clean and sanitize the area
  • Clean any fabrics
  • Get rid of material that can’t be cleaned
  • Ventilate the area
  • Deodorize the area

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Locate the dead animal

Usually, a dead animal in the home can be found simply by following the smell. Sometimes, it takes more investigation to find it.

Places to look where dead animals can be found may include behind walls, under floorboards, behind insulation, under debris, near air vents, near heat sources, by your plumbing.

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Get rid of the dead animal

You will need to remove the dead animal wherever you found it. Hopefully, you can locate it in an easy to get at location, and not behind a wall, which will be more challenging.

When you find it,  don’t touch the animal. You will need to wear gloves and use a tool like a shovel to move the carcass.

You will need to check with your local laws about how to dispose of the carcass.  Your city may allow you to bury it, burn it. dispose of it in the garbage or call animal control.


Clean and sanitize the area

Use glove, a rag or paper towels to clean up all animal matter in the area where you found it. Pick up any fluids, fur, and animal droppings you find.

Attic restorationBe sure to put on gloves, then use a rag or paper towels to pick up any leftover fur, juices, or anything else left behind by the animal. Use an enzymatic cleaner to spray down the area.

This will break down organic compounds, odors, and eliminate diseases. Let the solution sit on the area for 10 to 15 minutes before wiping it down with a clean rag that you can throw away when you’re done.

If there are animal droppings, you may want to call a professional animal cleanup services. Some animals, such as raccoons, can carry diseases and parasites in their feces. You should not handle this and leave the cleanup to a professional who can help protect you from contamination.

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Clean contaminated fabrics

You will need to clean any fabrics that were contaminated by the animal. This may include curtains, linens, clothes, cushions, or anything else.

You will need to handle fabrics carefully. You may be able to use a dry cleaner or clean them in your washing machine using hot water. If you are using your washer, add a cup of either bleach or hydrogen peroxide to the load.


Get rid of material that can’t be cleaned

Sometimes you will not be able to clean everything, or you may not want to and prefer to replace it instead. This might include fabrics that you just want to get rid of or insulation that is not possible to clean.


Ventilate the area

Open up as many windows as possible in the home, especially near where the dead animal was found. Use fans and window fans to help circulate fresh air.



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